How Our Program Works  

Rancho Piccolo grows and harvests vegetables and fruit every week throughout the year, available for purchase through our Farm Box Subscription. Our members sign up to receive weekly or biweekly deliveries of any combination of vegetables, fruit and eggs. Our boxes are put together each week, based on the items that are ready to harvest from our farm.

Pricing and Quantity:

Half Share Organic Produce (6-8 items, mostly vegetables) $21
Full Share Organic Produce (7-9 items, mostly vegetables) $26

Half Share Organic Fruit (3-5 pounds) $8
Full Share Organic Fruit (5-8 pounds) $16

Half Dozen Organic Pastured Eggs $4.25
Full Dozen Organic Pastured Eggs $7.50

To sign up, click on Sign Up Here, and it will walk you through the process of selecting a drop site or home delivery and choosing your share combinations. The “A” and “B” in the biweekly selections, just designate the alternating week schedules. To view the current week’s designation, click here

We recommend starting with a half share if you are unsure of the quantity you will use, you are always welcome to change your box size. Large families, vegetarian eaters, and people that juice their vegetables, will probably want to start with a full share.

If you have any questions click here to Contact Us by email or call 209-201-1053.

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